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Disconnect to reconnect

People often ask me how I can stand it as an extrovert – being housebound and unable to see friends very much. One answer is that I just have to – so that’s how I stand it. But another answer is ‘the Internet’. I started blogging when my brain energy was just good enough to […]

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Things I have learnt from #femfest

I’ve loved taking part in feminisms fest this week, and have really appreciated thinking this issue through with others. There have been some great posts all linked up in the sites below, so do check them out:   JR Goudeau – feminisms and me (stories of feminism) From two to one – why does feminism […]

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Introverts, extraverts, and why Twitter is like Narnia

“My friends who were quiet and withdrawn in ‘real life’, on Twitter were chattering away or SHOUTING REALLY LOUDLY. It was bizarre.”   Today I’m guest-posting for my beautiful friend and queen of blogging, Vicky Beeching. I’m SO EXCITED it’s practically running down my leg! Please click over and read the rest!     Liked this […]

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Facebook, friendship and the Gospel

There has been a lot of debate about the effects that social media is having on our society and Christian community.   Tim Chester, a Christian author I respect a great deal, has recently written a blog series on the dangers of Facebook. In one post, he wrote this: “Facebook encourages you to live elsewhere. […]

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