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Routine (Five Minute Friday)

When I stop to consider my spiritual routine, I remember its purpose. I care for my soul, as God cares for me.

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Alison Turrell, Creative Commons licence Jul 2017

Choose the Most Beautiful

I hoarded, as a child; I made collections. Stamps, candles, letters, memories.

As an adult I hoard memories, especially now I am chronically ill. When you are in the outside world, who knows when you can repeat the experience?

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Andreanna Moya Photography, Creative commons

A time to diarise, a time to freak out (Ecclesiastes 3)

The loudest demands are not always the most important demands. We have to use our ‘sacred no’ in order to do what is best. Or, as my friend Tara says, “say no to things so you can find your ‘hell, yeah!’”

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Running away from God

I am sitting outside in the garden, watching my boy. Being outside is always a mixed blessing. I LOVE getting outside the house and having some sunshine, but it is always more physically demanding, and I have to be very careful not to overdo it.   Basically, I go outside, and then pray that my […]

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