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Greta Thunberg stands in crowd with her iconic mustard yellow waterproof

Greta, Goliath and foolishness

But where we see challenges to the will and heart of God – where children are being locked up in cages and separated from their families, where the stranger isn’t welcomed, where those on low incomes, disabled and elderly people are oppressed and degraded, where the earth is exploited instead of treasured – then may we too have the courage of David, the foolishness of the small in challenging the big,

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Where creative meets Creator {Christianity and Creativity series}

Esther Emery is a writer and a half, and I love reading her words. She also happens to be living her summer days in a yurt (like a tent), doing a sustainable-living adventure, in the middle of nowhere. With no electricity. She has amazing insights into what it really looks like to live the creative […]

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