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How to Change the World in 10 easy steps

I’ve given my step-by-step guide for how to change the world – these are steps 6 and 7.
6. Ask people for help.
Contrary to Superman, saving the world is best as a team sport. Tentatively, I put a call out on Facebook – would anyone like to join me? Almost immediately, 100 people signed up to help. I was humbled by how many, with much greater experience at campaigning than me, were prepared to give of themselves.
7. Flail wildly.
(This is not necessarily part of it, but I did it anyway.)

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Permission to Fail

Whenever you feel a burning desperation to change the world, my advice to you is to get sleep-deprived and weak. Be so weak that you know your dream is impossible, and you will probably fail. Be okay with that. Turn off the logic and the fear, and give yourself permission to fail.
Something is better than nothing. Do that something.

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Left Behind

We were at the back of the hall, both of us, huddled up, our backs against the wall. Her coat smelt faintly of the secret cigarette she’d smoked before she came in.

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Anyway: or Confessions of a recovering perfectionist

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.   Sitting on a leather sofa, sipping water and wiping tears, I presented her with my angsty questions. I looked at her proper grown-up mantel piece and knew that I was supposed to be grown up by now, in my mid-twenties.   She pulled her fingers through […]

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