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The dress

The car pulled up to the church, and the driver helped me out. I stepped onto the path, my silk-white high heels making the tiniest crunch on the gravel. And then I looked down at my dress. My dress! At some point on the journey it had turned yellow. It was bright yellow. My dress […]

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The weight of fear {guest post}

I heard Emily Wierenga’s voice for the first time a while ago, on a youtube video, and I smiled, because it so perfectly matches her blog. She speaks softly and gently so you need to lean in close; it is full of sweetness and sparkles with the kind of joy that has been hard-won. I […]

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Deliver us from evil

I was transferring my text books from my locker into my school bag when a fellow student burst into the sixth-form common room. “You,” she said, with eyes full of fire and fury, “you’re a Christian. Where was God when this happened?” She indicated the headline on the newspaper. Sixteen children and one adult had […]

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All Change

It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time, joining with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us 1 word, we write for 5 minutes flat – no backtracking or editing, throwing caution to the wind. Check out others’ five-minute offerings by clicking on the button below.   This is my best five minutes on ‘Change’ There’s a coolness in the […]

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M.E. – Relapses and mountain climbing

M.E. is a relapsing-remitting illness, much like M.S.  This means that there are times when the body suddenly ‘crashes’, with a worsening of symptoms and an increase of disability. This is a relapse.  Remission for me is not like cancer remission, where there are no symptoms at all.  Rather it means that the symptoms are […]

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