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The Horse

I’m joining with Amber’s Concrete Words series, where she writes about writing and uses concrete words to show the abstract. She is such an excellent writer, this is a masterclass. Writers, do join with us! In the middle of the doctors’ waiting room, amongst the tired magazines and pale patients was an enormous rocking horse. […]

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  Today I am feeling listless and restless. I am frustrated with myself because I should be really happy right now: I’ve just been on holiday, I’ve had loads of sunshine and good food and great chats with friends. I am emotionally replenished. I’m so blessed.   But for some reason, over the last couple […]

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Holiday: feast

It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time, joining with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us 1 word, we write for 5 minutes flat – no backtracking or editing, throwing caution to the wind. Check out others’ five-minute offerings by clicking on the button below. This is my best five minutes on ‘Enough’. My apologies for my recent absence […]

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Life can be poetry, too

What would your life look like if it were turned into a film? This is the premise behind Donald Miller’s latest book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. His (excellent) memoir, Blue Like Jazz, was being turned into a film, and in the process of writing the screenplay he came to an uncomfortable realisation: […]

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Baptisms and new beginnings

It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time! It’s inspired by Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama.  The idea is that you write for five minutes flat on a topic, without worrying about whether it’s right or not.  It’s kinda fun!  Check out others’ interesting 5-minute posts on the topic by clicking on the button below. I’m grateful […]

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