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Here she is. Send her.

I was in a church service, worshipping God. The preacher stopped, and said, ‘there are some here whom God is calling to mission. If you think that’s you, then come to the front.’   My spirit leapt within me as soon as I heard those words, my heart bursting with love for God and a […]

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Living in the in-between

One morning, a few weeks ago, I started writing a blog post.  I wrote it using my iPad, but decided to draft it in an email so it would be easier to edit.  I spent an hour lovingly tapping out a thousand words. I edited, tweaked, smiled.   I could feel my brain slowing down […]

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Flowers and Tears and Mothers’ Day

It was Saturday, the evening before Mothering Sunday and I was chatting to my husband as we ate dinner. We were discussing the Mothers’ Day tradition of handing out posies of flowers to all women at church.   “I really don’t think it’s a good idea,” I explained. “I worry that the positives about giving […]

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