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Two words and ten practices for 2017

My one word for the year is Pause. (With ‘play’, as well…) It’s one and a half words. And there are ten practices which I think will help.

When I’m scared to experiment and think I should quit while I’m behind – will you remind me of the freedom to play and try things out?
And when it looks like I’m pushing myself – will you question whether I need to pause a little more?

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My one word for 2016

What’s your ‘one word’ for 2016? If you haven’t come across One Word 365 yet, it’s a fun alternative to New Year Resolutions.

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Anyway: or Confessions of a recovering perfectionist

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.   Sitting on a leather sofa, sipping water and wiping tears, I presented her with my angsty questions. I looked at her proper grown-up mantel piece and knew that I was supposed to be grown up by now, in my mid-twenties.   She pulled her fingers through […]

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