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Two words and ten practices for 2017

My one word for the year is Pause. (With ‘play’, as well…) It’s one and a half words. And there are ten practices which I think will help.

When I’m scared to experiment and think I should quit while I’m behind – will you remind me of the freedom to play and try things out?
And when it looks like I’m pushing myself – will you question whether I need to pause a little more?

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Let Us Play

I am exploring what it means to have a theology of play… I am catching some of that excitement of what it means to enter into the story. Play is a rebellion, but not against God, against my perfectionist and control-freak tendencies.

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Learning to play {Christianity and Creativity series}

Alice Buckley is one of those souls whose words are filled with light and Jesus, even when she doesn’t seem to know it. She writes on how she teaches the Bible creatively to kids, including disabled children. I am privileged to count her as a dear friend, and she has wise words to say on […]

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