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Blackberries in Eden

In this life, we constantly walk the faultline of Creation and Fall: the joy of the good; the frustration of our many limitations.
Life is both fruit and fight.

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Always we begin again

Why do I like the one type of beginning, but not the other? Why have I always loved ‘back to school’ but hate the new beginnings that relapses bring?
The answer is this: one feels progressive, the other regressive. One is macro, the other micro. One is linear, the other cyclical.

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Breathe in: breathe out

I had said to myself I wasn’t going to write this week. As of two days ago, I went on strike.   I wasn’t sure if it was my body or my emotions that were the part I had overdone but either way, I felt like an elastic band that had snapped, and was wandering […]

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