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Japanese Baby crying Flickr Creative Commons

A Season for Crying

Grief does not work to our timetable. Grief comes in waves and bursts. There is a season for laughter, but there are also seasons for crying, and everything in its season.

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Sleepy Wasps and Ecclesiastes

A summer season is fun, but it is not sustainable – not for wasps, not for humans, either.
We are built for variety, and paradoxically even those activities we most love can drain us if it is all we do. We are not robots, machines, productive automatons, and to treat ourselves or others in this way is dangerous and wrong. We are human, and we need the all the seasons.

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Andreanna Moya Photography, Creative commons

A time to diarise, a time to freak out (Ecclesiastes 3)

The loudest demands are not always the most important demands. We have to use our ‘sacred no’ in order to do what is best. Or, as my friend Tara says, “say no to things so you can find your ‘hell, yeah!’”

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