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The One Secret to Contentment with God #fiveminutefriday

You want to be the best Christian you can be – with the least effort and the most fun.

What does it take to achieve this longed-for wonderful Christian life? I have the secret, and I will share it here.

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Andreanna Moya Photography, Creative commons

A time to diarise, a time to freak out (Ecclesiastes 3)

The loudest demands are not always the most important demands. We have to use our ‘sacred no’ in order to do what is best. Or, as my friend Tara says, “say no to things so you can find your ‘hell, yeah!’”

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Always we begin again

Why do I like the one type of beginning, but not the other? Why have I always loved ‘back to school’ but hate the new beginnings that relapses bring?
The answer is this: one feels progressive, the other regressive. One is macro, the other micro. One is linear, the other cyclical.

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