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Spiritual Love Languages

What’s your love language?   Love-languages are the ways in which we express and receive love. If you don’t yet know yours, I can recommend taking this fun quiz to find out! There are five love-languages, according to Gary Chapman: quality time, words of affirmation, gift-giving, physical touch and acts of service.   These are […]

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I am no prayer warrior

  Today I am honoured to be guest-posting for Micha Boyett for her This Sacred Everyday series. Micha is one of my favourite bloggers, and she always pushes my thinking on matters of spirituality. It is a privilege to be on her site today.   “This is sister Sue,” my Mum said. “She’s a Prayer […]

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Halfway to Heaven

There are times when life is a whirlwind and we are whirling within it. Our days had been full of flurry and preparation and whirlwind and now we sat, waiting. I’m guest posting today for the lovely Penelope Swithinbank. Do click over with me and see the rest of the post here!

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