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Faith and Grief in Orbit – Bethany Suckrow

Have you noticed that the Church often talks about grief in the same way that we often talk about illness and other forms of suffering? We expect people to just “get over it,” that if they believe hard enough, all will be well.

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God at the Edges

But God was there, at the edges, in every one of these homes. I couldn’t always see him straight on. He was in the neighbor who gave me safe harbor, the sister who prayed with me, the teacher who called social services.
All the odds were against me, against my survival, but God kept showing up.

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Perseverance Without Perception

I’ve recently notched up my 10th anniversary – but forget the champagne corks. There was nothing whatsoever to celebrate, either by me or those closest to me. That’s because this summer saw ten years of living with what Churchill called the black dog.

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From Below – a Meditation on Suffering – Timothy Willard

All I can do is hold your hand, my brother, my sister. I will shout and scream with you. I will curse this day for you. I will bear with you, for the Glory, for the newness. Until we get home.

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The Things We Never Say – The Silent Suffering of Parents

[Jesus] has appeared to me, again and again, in spit-up and poopy diapers, in weepy eyes and runny noses. He has appeared in the mess and the tiredness of it all, and said, Here, touch me. Put your hand in my side.

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A Grief Unresolved – James Prescott

God doesn’t solve every problem. The sick person doesn’t always get healed. The dead person doesn’t always rise from the grave.

There had to be more to God than I’d experienced. There was something bigger, deeper, more mysterious going on which I didn’t understand.

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Like me, like me, like me (Confessions of a social media addict)

crisis hits, you grab whatever lifeline you can in order to survive. Facebook and Twitter saved me from loneliness at the most difficult time of my life. But if you’re not careful, the rope that once saved you can become a noose around your neck.

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Beauty in the Brokenness – Helen Austin

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold to fill cracks in broken pottery, or to weld together broken pieces. The object is then seen just as beautiful as before, if not even more beautiful.
Beauty is found in the brokenness.

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