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God in the bushes {guest post}

I left the church with its high walls and holy curtains. And the steps away are hard. I do not want to leave the home I have known. I do not want to be in the wilderness.

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I am tired (an M.E. update)

I don’t know where to start, so perhaps I shall say this: every single attempt to get the NHS to treat me for my M.E. feels like a battle.

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When we were on fire (a review)

This is a book for the lonely, for the cynic, for the weary and burnt-out Christian. When We Were on Fire is a memoir about Addie Zierman’s spiritual journey from being ‘on fire’ to becoming burnt out, and the subsequent restoration of her faith and identity.

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It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time, joining with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us 1 word, we write for 5 minutes flat – no backtracking or editing, throwing caution to the wind. Check out others’ five-minute offerings by clicking on the button below.   This is my best five minutes on ‘Focus’ I can feel the tiredness […]

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