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NEW – OUT 16 OCT 2017: 

Those Who Wait 

 – Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay

 Tanya Marlow (Malcolm Down Publishing, Oct 2017)

“My whole life has been a long wandering, a long hunger that hasn’t yet been satisfied.” – Sarah’s Story
Everyone is waiting. We wait for a bus, a spouse, a different job, a better life. We wait for Christ. At best, it’s irritating; at worst, unbearable. But what if our frustrated longings have spiritual value?
Enter four Bible heroes who waited impatiently: Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary. Through gripping storytelling, we immerse ourselves in their lives. We find empathy for our disappointment and doubt. We find perspective and purpose in delay. Above all, we find God in the waiting.
With reflective questions and six Bible studies, Those Who Wait is ideal for personal devotion or group discussion.

This is a gentle book full of humanity, biblical integrity and unexpected humour. It hums and brims with hard-won insights for those of us who wait for miracles, those who’ve given up waiting for miracles but would at least appreciate a few answers, and those who would simply like a little more hope.

“Helpfully designed for groups as well as individuals, I have no doubt that Those Who Wait will bring comfort, tears of relief, and smiles of recognition to many, many people.

 – Pete Greig, author of Dirty Glory and God on Mute, Founder of the 24-7 Prayer Movement and Associate Tutor at St Mellitus

Preorder from Wordery (free international delivery) or look out for the SPECIAL introductory offer on Amazon 16-26th October 2017 (RRP of £9.99/$13.99, down to just £6.99 / $8.99).



Soul Bare – ed Cara Sexton (IVP, 2016)

Tanya Marlow has contributed a chapter to Soul Bare, a powerful and beautiful collection of true stories, alongside Sarah Bessey, Seth Haines, Holley Gerth, Emily P Freeman, Dan King and many more.

Soul Bare is for anyone who has struggled with disappointment and hard times, and is looking for honest stories of vulnerability and authenticity.

“I held my breath, I cried, I shuddered, I whispered prayers, I ached. Most of all, I fell more deeply in love with Jesus through these words and stories. I can’t help but think how wide and deep and long this love is that finds us all so broken and yet so beautiful.”

—Idelette McVicker, founder and editor-in-chief, SheLoves Magazine

You can buy Soul Bare from your local Christian bookshop or online from Wordery (UK) or For more information on Soul Bare click here. 


Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty - Book CoverComing Back to God When You Feel Empty

Tanya Marlow (Createspace, 2015)

How do you find a path back to faith when you’re feeling empty, dreaming about the life you wish you’d had?

The biblical book of Ruth is a story of disappointment followed by restoration; wandering and then homecoming. In Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty, Tanya Marlow gently interweaves her own story of loss with Ruth’s story, getting under the skin of the characters, and bringing the biblical book to life.

“Intensely honest yet wonderfully gentle… I recommend this little book to anyone who has ever doubted God, anyone who has been angry with him, anyone mired in exhaustion and despair – in short, anyone who is a Christian.”

– Dr Ros Clarke, author and Online Pastor for Diocese of Lichfield

At just 50 pages, it is a short read for busy people, and there are creative exercises and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter, making it ideal for personal study or group discussion.

You can buy it in paperback  from for £3.99 or $5.50 from, or get it as an e-book FREE when you sign up for my occasional newsletter. For more details and FAQs click here. 
Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty - Book Cover

Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty:
Whispers of Restoration From the Book of Ruth
E-book 2015

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30 Responses to Books and e-books

  1. Nicole 30th June, 2017 at 6:32 am #

    I have just read – Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Whispers of Restoration From the Book of Ruth. I read it in one go…..A book I will definitely read again….A book that has come as an answer to prayer in sooo many ways….I happened upon it when google searching for a scripture reference for when Job questioned and was angry with God…..I had only this week been doing similarly, and was trying to help a believing friend see that it is okay to be raw-honest with God about those recurring negative, seemingly hopeless circumstances in life……I learned about ME – a condition I wonder if I have – I have symptoms my doctor has referred to as Myalgia, I am sometimes unable to walk on my own, hold on to things to get around, have difficulty breathing, palpitations – sometimes can’t feel my own legs…..Lately, it has taken a real emotional toll because as I get older, I find I seem to be having to make more adjustments to my work schedule, etc…..a drag for an A-Type persona who is always on the go……Tanya, may God bless your ministry from your bed….I hardly write comments online; in fact, I have done so only once before in regard to a particular song that really ministered to me as delivered by the singer/worship leader….As I read the first paragraph or two of chapter one, I was so moved that I paused to pray God would use me and my adversity to be a beacon of the Hope in Him that we are always guaranteed……I am challenged, encouraged, comforted, inspired, hopeful and expectant that (a last-minute God) will provide for He is for all time – Yahweh Yireh……May God bless you, your work, your ministry, your son, your husband, your marriage and your family beyond measure – always supplying all your needs – even if always in HIS time :)……May you know the peace that surpasses understanding and may you grow in grace as you get better at clinging to God when empty…..Shalom

    P.S. – I am actually gonna visit your blog – only the second blog I’ll ever have visited and the first for non-academic purposes..LOL……May God bless you richly indeed…..Shalom

  2. Diana Ortiz 25th February, 2015 at 6:23 pm #

    Greetings Tanya!!!
    I have been trying to download your e book but having difficulties
    I also have Moderate ME and am right with your title a devout serving and loving christian yet angry and disappointed at God.
    Thank-you for writing and sharing your journey. You’ve inspired me!!!

    • Tanya 3rd March, 2015 at 9:54 am #

      Thanks so much for this encouraging note! I’m so sorry you’ve been having trouble downloading my e-book. I emailed you to see if there was anything I could do – please do let me know if you’re still struggling. Blessings!


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