Can you still be a Christian if you don’t go to church?

We’re always taught from the Bible that it’s essential to be part of church. But what if you can’t go to services? Does that mean you’re still part of church, or even a Christian?

If you can go to church without problems, how should you respond to those who are at home?

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  1. Dana Bicks 25th April, 2019 at 9:23 pm #

    Hi Tanya, I am a Christian inspirational author and I found this blog intriguing. Many of my blogs address your very topic and I want to inject a few thoughts.

    Christianity is a way of life – similar to being born again. Churches today are filled with hypocrites which is why they lost most of their congregation. But last week I wrote a blog called “Jesus’ Ministry”. I point out the fact that even though Jesus was Jewish, he never taught within the confines of a temple. Religion, to him, was a world centered around love. Relationships with people was his way of spreading God’s love and how true!

    Though the Bible speaks of a community of believers, Jesus was emphatic about developing a close, personal relationship with the Lord. We are to pray privately.

    I was raised in the church, but today, the House of the Lord is about a money-making business. Very little concern is shown for it’s people. It’s a sad state of affairs but one predicted in prophecy.

    God bless your work and health. Together we can make this world shine for God!

    Please feel free to check out my website/blog!

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