Giant leaps and small changes

Fair trade coffee

“I didn’t say anything. How could I?

“I wanted to be the person who made a principled decision about my purchasing, the person who lived differently, who made a difference in the world.

“But I also wanted to be the person who drank only the very best coffee. I was a student missions worker: I had few vices. Coffee was an indulgence, a treat. It wasn’t in the sphere of my missional living; it had come under a different category, somehow. It was for ‘me’. We arrived at the student’s house, and I changed the subject, and we went in together.”

You guys! I am honoured to be guest-posting over for Addie Zierman today, because she is one of my very favourites, and if you’re not following her you should be. I’m sharing about good coffee and some early-twenties angst. Won’t you come over with me?

(Thanks to all who commented on my interview with Ally Vesterfelt. The winner of the free copy of Packing Light was Elspeth.)

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  1. Janice 2nd October, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    Oh, you and Addie in one place! Yay!

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