The gift of knowing a suffering God

Heather Caliri bed

“What are some of the ‘gifts’ M.E. has given me? One has been the ability to fight perfectionism, tooth and nail… Before I had severe M.E., I was always very bad at listening to my body, resting, and saying no to others’ requests. Now I’m only medium-bad at those things.”

In the last few weeks it feel like I’ve been ‘everywhere’ – many of the pieces I wrote much earlier in the year, but like buses, they all come along at once! I want you to know really appreciate it whenever you make the extra click and come over with me to someone else’s space.

Today I’m over at Heather Caliri’s place (whom you may know from Mudroom or She Loves) answering questions about the gifts of suffering and what happens when your campaigning efforts fail.

Won’t you come on over with me?

Also – earlier this month I did another interview with my friend Helen Burns, about M.E. and the misconceptions people have. Do check that out too!

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