Jesus had blisters (a short video on the incarnation)

Confession: I am not a fan of being videoed. (I am not brilliantly photogenic, and I definitely lack the videogenic gene. We didn’t have a video of our wedding for this very reason…)

But the lovely Dr Bex Lewis persuaded me to record a short video as a meditation for the Big Bible #bigread14 (a Lent series). The website has a meditation for each week, based on a poem by Rev. Stephen Cherry, and Bible readings and creative exercises to accompany it. They’re great to use as a small group study or individual meditation. This week is on ‘puzzles’, or mysteries, and in particular the mystery of the incarnation.

So – this is my four-minute video on the mystery of the incarnation, and how that influences our attitudes to our own bodies (click on the link and scroll down till you can see the YouTube clip with my face on it – if you prefer to read, the text version is underneath it) – click here to view.

Me! On the actual YouTube!

Me! On the actual YouTube!

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24 Responses to Jesus had blisters (a short video on the incarnation)

  1. Janice 31st March, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

    I’ve been travelling and so I’m SO late to the party, but I’m just going to echo everyone else’s comments that it was SO fun to hear you talk. (I will now stop using the word “so”) And the content – fantastic. Now I’m going to use your REAL voice with it’s charming accent in my head every time I see that you’ve responded to comments. Um, not full posts though, for some reason. No one’s posts have voices with them, that’s just reading. But comments demand a voice. I’m positive that doesn’t make sense, but it’s what my brain is saying this morning, so…yeah.

    I think doing a video would be terrifying, so yours was well and bravely done! You pulled it off wonderfully. (dang. I used “so” two more times.)


    • Tanya 4th April, 2014 at 10:43 am #

      Firstly – never stop using SO. I also do that SO much. 🙂
      That’s also hilarious that no-ones posts have voices, that’s just reading.
      But I hope you’re hearing my voice in this comment!
      Thanks for all the love – I really appreciate it!

      (Oh, and I was really interested to see you’re an enneagram 9! – yes, I was stalking you over at Leigh’s place…)

      • Janice 9th April, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

        I’m totally a 9. A couple short (free) tests pegged me as a handful of other numbers, each of which I could sort of see. But I guess that’s a 9 thing too, to see yourself in several other numbers as well. Anyway, the 9 description is dead on. Now, of course, I need to research it more!

        • Tanya 17th April, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

          You’ll have to tell me what you discover – I’m not sure I know many 9s, so I’m really interested to know how it all works! (I have a book on the enneagram on my bookshelf, so that I can find out All The Things. It will be fun.)

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