Book Reviews – Fiction and Christian Autumn/Winter 2019

Fifteen books of top fiction, children’s books and Christian books for Christmas 2019

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Greta Thunberg stands in crowd with her iconic mustard yellow waterproof

Greta, Goliath and foolishness

But where we see challenges to the will and heart of God – where children are being locked up in cages and separated from their families, where the stranger isn’t welcomed, where those on low incomes, disabled and elderly people are oppressed and degraded, where the earth is exploited instead of treasured – then may we too have the courage of David, the foolishness of the small in challenging the big,

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Human Rights Abuses in the UK (Crippled by Frances Ryan)

Frances Ryan’s impeccably researched book echoes the UN’s findings that the UK’s austerity politics have been breaching human rights agreements for disabled people. In every area of essentials – housing, health, social care, jobs, representation, money – disabled people’s access and rights have been systematically pushed back,

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Christian Book Reviews Spring/Summer 2019

Book reviews: Out of Control – Natalie Collins, Learning to Breathe- Rachael Newham, Glorious Weakness – Alia Joy, The Making of Us – Sheridan Voysey, Once We Were Strangers – Shawn Smucker, The View from Rock Bottom – Stephanie Tait, The Gladstone Tales and Image of the Invisible – Amy Scott Robinson

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Fiction and Children’s Fiction Reviews Spring 2019

What I’ve been reading in March-May 2019 – Pat Barker, Anna Burns, L B Hathaway, Alice Broadway, KatherineRundell, Jessica Townsend, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Robert Louis Stevenson

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The Surprising Power of Kindness – LICC

“During the silences of suffering, kindness speaks louder than ever.”

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Screenshot of Church Times Disabled article 31 May 2019

Do I wish to remain disabled in heaven? (Church Times)

‘Before Jesus healed people, he asked, “What do you want from me?” — perhaps because he did not always assume that it would be healing. The Church should be asking similarly neutral questions of disabled people.’

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News – Keynote Speaker at Evolving Faith Conference 2019

I have an exciting announcement: I will be a keynote speaker for Evolving Faith Conference (4-5 October, 2019), Colorado, US.

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