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When your holiday is not heaven

When the grief of chronic illness strikes, I am Adam and Eve, homesick for Eden, looking at the angel barring the way back. My sickness is part of the metaphor that reminds me of the brokenness of the world. When I am paddling in the clear Mediterranean, I am John in Patmos, with a glimpse of heaven and the riches of eternal life with the Creator.

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On brokenness: Bangladesh, Oklahoma and me

I don’t know what to write without it sounding trite. Sometimes silence is better, and I hesitate to add my noise to the mix. But sometimes the words can help us pause.   ****   Bangladesh   For the last couple of months, I have had Isaiah 3 rattling around my head. It is a […]

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Finding Freedom in a Demolished House of Faith {guest post}

Genevieve Thul  has had one health battle after another, both with herself and her children. I mentioned one of these battles in a former five-minute-Friday post. I love her commitment to seeking God in the midst of pain. This is her God and Suffering story:     Pain is a lost emotion in the sea […]

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Easily broken

Last week I broke my iPad. Anyone who owns any Apple product will already be inwardly shuddering, but let me spell out the scale of this catastrophe for the uninitiated: It was not just any Apple product, but my NEW shiny iPad, bought for as a gift for Christmas. I use it every day for […]

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