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An open letter to compassionate conservative-voters

I’m taking a deep breath here. I have a guest post going up at Archbishop Cranmer’s blog today (the blog is well-known and respected for representing God and Politics, Christianity and Conservatism). I’m well out of my comfort zone – I’m making an important point, and a very exciting announcement.

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A Father’s Unthinkable Choice – Tim Kreider

Hearing my son say, “I killed Kevin and his parents” was at first surreal, but it only took a few moments for the realization to set in that his life and that of our family were going to forever change in ways that I could have never imagined. A father’s first instinct is to protect his children. How could I protect Alec in this situation?

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My friend is hurting – what do I say? {my post for Relevant}

How do you respond to a friend who’s hurting? I have a post-graduate qualification in counseling, I have been a paid Christian minister for over a decade, I have also experienced suffering. But nothing in my experience or training is as useful as this simple verse:…

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On honouring pain {guest post }

Abby Norman is a kindred spirit and a half, and sometimes we are so similar it freaks me out. I had the joy of getting to know her through Story 101, and she is a dear friend. She has a passion to change the world, and I think she might just do that. It’s a […]

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No Job for Job (When the comforters need comforting)

This one is for the caregivers. This one is for the ministers. This one is for those who open their arms and carry the burdens of the heavy-laden. This is for you – who always end up as the listening ears for weary hearts, the eyes to those who are blind, the feet to those […]

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Compassion and creativity – interview with Jeff Goins

I’m very excited to be able to introduce this interview with Jeff Goins. Jeff is a blogging phenomenon, and generously shares his recipes for success on his blog and in his book, ‘You are a Writer’. I am a huge fan! Last summer he released his first mainstream-published book, Wrecked, on compassion and the surprising […]

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