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When You’re the Only One Not Invited

When I was eight, I was chosen to do a reading at the school’s Advent service. It felt like a very important role, and I practised it for days to get the words right. I got to sit in the choir stalls, which was an important place. I wasn’t, however,

I wasn’t, however, chosen for the choir. My voice was judged inferior* – at least that’s what I remember feeling, even if that wasn’t the full reason. Whenever the choir sang, they all stood up; I remained seated in the stalls. Gradually, I realised – I was the only one sitting down when the choir stood up. All the other readers were also singers.

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Outside In – an interview with Cindy Brandt

I internalized that being Christian meant acting like an American, and because I am in fact, not American, I often felt like I don’t belong to the Christian culture. However, more and more I am discovering that following Jesus has very little to do with belonging to Christian culture.

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When Loneliness Sat Beside Me

I heard pastors and church people tell me that loneliness was a sign that I don’t quite love God enough, that I need to try harder to be satisfied by Him alone. That the cure for loneliness is to draw closer to Jesus. I think they were wrong.

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When we suffer alone {guest post}

I’m delighted to have Mary De Muth in this space today. She is the author of fifteen books, both fiction and non-fiction, and she helps people live life uncaged, turning their pain into healing and joy. She has emerged from deep suffering, and she writes of life after childhood sexual abuse in her memoir, Thin […]

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Rod and staff: strange comfort

This is the fourth week of an M.E. relapse, which means I am more isolated than usual, needing to spend even more time in bed, in silence. I am an extrovert. I find that when I’m with people, I have more thoughts and ideas, more motivation and excitement to write and learn, than when I […]

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Discovering the Absence of God {guest post}

Alastair Roberts is a PhD student (Theology) at Durham University. I really appreciate his thoughtful approach to pretty much everything and his encyclopaedic Biblical knowledge. (If there’s ever a Bible passage you’re stuck on, do ask him what he thinks – his perspective is always helpful.) I’m delighted that he’s sharing his story here. At […]

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Alone {guest post}

Ed Cyzewski lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is a seminary-graduate-turned-writer, amongst other things. I love his gentleness and his gift of encouragement, and I’m honoured to share his story with you today. I eyed both Catholics and Fundamentalists with anger and suspicion for years. I remember feeling guarded and uncertain when I met a Catholic […]

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