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In approaching mystery, we rush to solve it or shut it down. But what if the third option is savouring it? What if wonder is a more appropriate response to the mysteries of God?

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When God Is Silent – for Katharine Welby-Roberts

I want to say it loudly: the claim that you will always feel God’s peace during suffering is a myth. No matter how mature a Christian you are, sometimes you suffer and God feels desperately absent. Sometimes there’s an explanation in hindsight. Sometimes there’s a lesson learned from it. But sometimes there’s just silence and mystery.

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A Grief Unresolved – James Prescott

God doesn’t solve every problem. The sick person doesn’t always get healed. The dead person doesn’t always rise from the grave.

There had to be more to God than I’d experienced. There was something bigger, deeper, more mysterious going on which I didn’t understand.

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Let Us Play

I am exploring what it means to have a theology of play… I am catching some of that excitement of what it means to enter into the story. Play is a rebellion, but not against God, against my perfectionist and control-freak tendencies.

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Finding hope and meaning in suffering- Trystan Owain Hughes

I can truly say, then, that God has been vividly present in my pain. Not that he wants us to suffer, either directly or indirectly. Rather, he is present in our suffering, helping to redeem and transform it.

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The God who brings storms

We sing our songs, and we think of a gentle mist, but the way that God’s righteousness comes is through a storm, through the sharp smacking of water and air onto a shocked and complacent earth.

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