In approaching mystery, we rush to solve it or shut it down. But what if the third option is savouring it? What if wonder is a more appropriate response to the mysteries of God?

Think of the shepherds, who wondered. Think of Mary, who pondered and treasured it all in her heart.

My friend Amy Robinson reminds me to reclaim our ‘wow’ in life – reframing what we take for granted as something to revere.

I consider a walnut, hidden beneath a hard shell, secretly delicious. Salmons swim upstream back to their home. I have a son, created from my DNA, who is like me but unique. Every day, there is wonder.

There are mysteries, and our response can be ‘wow’.

I’m at the Mudroom today, talking theology and how I changed my mind about mystery. As we approach the season where we remember the mystery of the incarnation, this is especially relevant. Hope you enjoy! Click here to read. 

 Photo credit: James Emery Creative Commons Licence



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