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Online Retreat and Book Sale – Those Who Wait

Those Who Wait is the perfect book to help navigate uncertain times when we’re feeling stuck in our lives. Announcing an online retreat and book sale to make the most of this resource.

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Giveaway – Cara Meredith’s Author Tuesday

“I wanted to write a true book about the cost of waiting, and the disappointment, doubt and delay that comes with it. But what surprised me as I delved into the Bible figures was the sheer kindness of God.”

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For Those Who Wait (A Life Overseas)

Advent is a season that celebrates and marks the discomfort of waiting, as we consider how the saints waited for Jesus’ appearance, and how we long for this world to be restored at Jesus’ second coming.

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What are you waiting for? #thosewhowait Synchroblog

Details about the synchroblog and how to join in are below. Anyone can link up if you’ve written something on waiting. Alternatively, you can write a poem, like mine, based on what you’ve been waiting for all your life.

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Excited child - photo by Steve Milldam creative commons

Those Who Wait is here! Launch Day

It’s for those who can’t wait. My publisher, the lovely Malcolm Down, has been joking about the irony of publishing a book called Those Who Wait for what must be the most impatient author he’s ever dealt with. (Guilty as charged). He said it should be called, ‘Those Who Can’t Wait’. This made me laugh, because that’s actually exactly who it’s written for. It’s for those who not only can’t wait, but don’t want to wait, and don’t understand why God doesn’t act in times of seemingly meaningless delay. It’s a book for those who question and wrestle with doubt and disappointment.

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When You’re the Only One Not Invited

When I was eight, I was chosen to do a reading at the school’s Advent service. It felt like a very important role, and I practised it for days to get the words right. I got to sit in the choir stalls, which was an important place. I wasn’t, however,

I wasn’t, however, chosen for the choir. My voice was judged inferior* – at least that’s what I remember feeling, even if that wasn’t the full reason. Whenever the choir sang, they all stood up; I remained seated in the stalls. Gradually, I realised – I was the only one sitting down when the choir stood up. All the other readers were also singers.

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Tell Me a Story (Five Minute Friday #FMF)

Whenever I am despairing of life, it is the honesty of the Bible that saves me. I am that child again, looking into the eyes of the storyteller, stuck in the middle, but longing for that good ending I’m promised.

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Announcement – Those Who Wait and Malcolm Down Publishing

Long story short: I sent him my book; he loved it, and on Friday I signed my first publishing contract! I’m overjoyed to officially announce that I’m partnering with Malcolm Down Publishing, who will publish Those Who Wait on Monday 16th October 2017.

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