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More Light – Advent Week 2

I’m thinking of all who are waiting for the Light, in the midst of dark times. And I’m thankful for the Prophets – both biblical and contemporary, who remind us to see with spiritual eyes, beyond the darkness and war, to the peace and Light that will come.

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When You’re Stuck on Pause

To the person who feels everlastingly behind, behind, behind—you are not forgotten. You don’t have to catch up. This is just Winter. Spring will come. You’re doing just fine.

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Advent poem at the Mudroom – The God Who Waits

“All heaven was waiting on a human word
before the Word would be made human.

Before God became incarnate,
God waited for human assent.”

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Is God enough? – Caiobhe

Whilst still married, I have fallen in love with another who pursued me for all that he needed before he then rejected me, and abused power and position to save himself.
I have suffered from depression, and I know the madness that has such power that it convinced me that my children would be better off if I was dead.

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Unexpected arrival (Advent 4)

Waiting for Jesus is something we do as we go about our daily lives. It is not an airport lounge. It’s a very long third trimester.

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We groan as we wait (Advent 3)

Groans preceded Christ’s coming. He was born in pain into a world of pain. And as we wait, groans precede His second coming.

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Homesick (Advent 2)

We too are refugees. We travel and pass through this world, but it is not our home (1 Pet 1). Even our bodies, they are not permanent, they are our temporary, make-shift accommodation (2 Cor 5).

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Waiting Room (Advent 1)

We wait for Christ’s return, living in the in-between, without knowing when it will be.  To wait is to surrender our control. To wait is to trust in God.

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