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Has God got it wrong? (Living your Plan B)

What we think of as our greatest achievements, may, in the light of eternity, be nothing; what we think of as our weakness may, in the light of eternity, be our greatest achievement. I’m delighted to be over at Bible Reflections today, writing why living our ‘Plan B’ may not be such a bad thing, […]

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Tuesdays are for honesty

  Drumroll please…   Next Tuesday, 18 September, I will begin a new guest-post series on my blog, God and Suffering: Our Story.   I am so excited!   I have asked some friends to be courageous in sharing their own stories of suffering, weakness, struggle. They will be telling the truth of what it […]

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Paul, Prison and Paralympics

“…And then a light clicked on for me. I thought of the chains of my disability. I thought of Paul, imprisoned in his house, unable to preach the gospel openly. I thought of his goal to go to the far nations, to preach where the gospel had not gone before. I thought of his love […]

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