What I’m Into (December 2015)


Christmas has knocked me out a little, as it does each year, which is why this December edition comes as it does in the heartlands of January. Indulge me with a little Christmas remembrance…

Honest Longings – Tara Owens’ Advent Course

One highlight of December was doing Tara Owens’ Advent course. Two years ago her Advent course was the spiritual highlight of my year, and though this was a fresh course, with a different slant, it was still the spiritual highlight of my year. Advent is my favourite liturgical season, and it was a real treat to be walking through it with such a wise spiritual director.

Doing Christmas with M.E.

Christmas itself was a delight. I had one good, clear evening with my parents on the 23rd, where I was able to be my ever-witty and scintillating self – then the next day I was utterly wiped, and good only for watching Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. I ate all my meals from bed and rested hard. That meant that on Christmas Day itself I couldn’t really interact, but I was well enough to witness, and as one friend pointed out to me, that’s mainly what Christmas Day is about, anyway – watching the youngest member of the family rip open gifts in excitement. I received some really thoughtful gifts, and felt very loved, and remembered Jesus’ gift to humanity of his own humanity.



(Are you ready for a bumper-load of December books?)

Christian Books

Michael Card Luke

  • Luke: The Gospel of Amazement – Michael Card. I’ve been reading this slowly, over the course of a year, as a devotional, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s more like a commentary than a devotional, but a more succinct one than an average commentary. It’s broken up into very short sections, which makes it easy to read in bite-size pieces. I was surprised to discover that there details about the context he pointed out that I hadn’t yet absorbed, and thoroughly enjoyed this slow walk through the gospel of Luke. Get it from Amazon.com for $14.36, Amazon.co.uk from $7.34 or Wordery for £9.49

Hardest Peace

  • The Hardest Peace – Kara Tippetts. I was interested in this memoir by a woman with terminal cancer after reading ‘Just Show Up’ by Jill Lynn Buteyn and Kara Tippetts. What struck me from this memoir was the unshakeable trust she had in the goodness and power of God, despite her sorrow at having to leave her husband and young children. My only quibble about this book was that it skimped a little over the harder details of the cancer, and concentrated on what she hoped would be a legacy for her children. For me, that felt a little like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation for her family, and although there is much to commend this book, I suspect that it would be more meaningful for anyone who already knew her or had followed her blog. Get it from Amazon.com – $10.62, Amazon.co.uk – £9.99, or Wordery – £8.22


Accidental Saints


  • Accidental Saints – Nadia Bolz-Weber. This book follows the liturgical year in the life of one church, and is peppered with interesting stories of messy and messed-up people who love Jesus. There is much to love about this book – Bolz-Weber is a fine writer and has a dry wit, combined with a deep love for Jesus and people, and it was this raw, joyful love that often left me in tears. My only hesitation with this book is that she writes about other people’s messes, not just her own. Though I’m sure she would have done, I found myself wishing she had made it explicit that she had permission to share these stories – memoir is always tricky when you’re sharing others’ stories, but particularly when you are a pastor sharing the stories of your congregation. There are points where I would differ from her theologically, as with anyone, but Jesus shines as the silent hero of this beautiful, messy community, and it’s beautiful to see. It was a fabulous reminder to me of how powerful church can be, as a family who loves well despite the pain and messes we cause each other. It is a collection of wittily and poignantly-told stories of people who are honest about their messes, and honest about finding Jesus to be bigger than those messes, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Get it from Amazon.com – $15.58 (Hardback), Amazon.co.uk – £12.59 or Wordery – £8.95 but released in Sep 2016


Books for Writers

Book launch blueprint

  • Book Launch Blueprint – Tim Grahl. This is a read-in-one-sitting book about how to launch your book successfully. I went to a book launch seminar by Tim Grahl and found it absolutely genius, so I thought I might not gain anything by reading this book, but it was full of great tips and sound analysis. Tim Grahl is the very best type of self-help writer, teaching clearly, whilst providing plenty of encouragement and motivation. If you are a writer looking to find some good marketing sense, I thoroughly recommend everything Tim Grahl has written. Get it from Amazon.com – $9.65, or Amazon.co.uk – £6.56 

write without crushing your soul


  • Write Without Crushing Your Soul – Ed Cyzewski. I always enjoy Ed’s writing on writing, and this book was no exception. He spends a lot of the book taking a useful realistic look at what it means to have a career in writing (hint: it’s not glamorous), and towards the end of the book he offers some brilliant advice on how to write for the long-term, so that your rhythm of work is sustainable and feeds your soul. I have read many of Ed’s books, and yet I still find fresh gems of wisdom in each new book he releases. For those who are starting out, I would recommend his book, ‘A Path to Publishing’; for those more seasoned, I would opt for this book. Get it from Amazon.com – just $1.93 on Kindle, Amazon.co.uk – just £1.31 on Kindle


Christmas books:

Waiting on the Word

  • Waiting on the Word – Malcolm Guite. This was my Christmas devotional this year – a carefully curated collection of Christmas poetry, with Malcolm Guite’s superb theological and literary commentary. It was absolutely delicious; I didn’t miss a single day because it was so good. Get it from Amazon.com – $15.99, Amazon.co.uk – £10.99.  N.B. He has a similar book for Lent, Word in the Wilderness, which I’ve promptly put on my wishlist for this year. I’m a fan. Get it from Amazon.com – $17.74 or Amazon.co.uk – £12.08

a widening light

U A Fanthorpe Christmas

  • U. A. Fanthorpe – Christmas Poems. I have long been a fan of the late UA Fanthorpe’s poetry, and knew that she had written a couple of more well-known poems about Christmas and Advent. What I didn’t know was that these poems were the fruit of her annual tradition of sending her friends a Christmas poem in place of a usual Christmas card. This has the whole witty collection, together with the hand-drawn illustrations that would have accompanied them each year. Get it from Amazon.com – $7.68, Amazon.co.uk – £9.98 or Wordery – £7.07



  • Secret life of four, five and six-year-olds – This Channel 4 series, made up of recorded conversations of what children say to each other when left alone made me cry buckets. SO good. It also featured educational psychiatrists to point out the blindingly obvious (e.g. ‘oh, they nearly kissed then! So sweet!’) Highlights include asking a five-year-old what is the biggest number in the world (Ans: 101?) and what the fastest animal in the world was (Ans: Lighting!)
  • Miss Fisher Mysteries – 1920s murder mystery series set in Australia with a jovial and beautiful detective heroine. (Netflix)
  • Chuck – Still enjoying this series. (Netflix)


  • Arthur with Clive Owen. Pretty mediocre film, but enjoyable enough to see Clive Owen snarling and pouting as King Arthur.
  • Frozen – I know! I’m the last person on earth to see this film. Turns out it was very good. Someone should tell children about it.
  • Jack Reacher – Tom Cruise doing his Tom Cruise stuff, just with more psycho-violent-heroics. Great film.
  • Date Night – watched this before, but still so good. Love this romantic comedy, that is both comedic and married-romantic.
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Tom Cruise doing his Tom Cruise stuff, but with explosions and underwater swimming.
  • Funny Face – Audrey Hepburn. Slightly odd romance, but so great to see Audrey Hepburn dancing.

Favourite Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt quotes:

(Posh woman on confronting rich husband about an affair): My husband denied everything. I may as well have been Congress.

On studying:
Kimmy: I need Dong. He’s a Vietnamese student in my class who’s good at Math.
Titus: That’s racist.
Kimmy: But he is good at Math.
Titus: I don’t make the rules.

(Dong, a Vietnamese student talking about American TV): My favourite show is called Six White Complainers.
(Kimmy looks blank)
Dong: Oh – in America I think it’s called ‘Friends’.

(Posh woman looks around Kimmy’s humble flat) URGH. I need to get out of here before I get airborne diabetes

Boyfriend: I should warn you, they just announced a new iPhone is coming out which means all our phones will stop… (phone spontaneously combusts in his hands) Damnit.

Mary and Joseph as refugees

This year our Mary and Joseph huddled round a fire, as refugees

ME News – Research

ME News – Stigma and Mistreatment of ME Patients 

ME News – The PACE Trial scandal

Does the PACE trial have the right to withhold data? The PACE trial is a very influential trial in the UK that has been used to justify the NHS’ ongoing recommendation that ME patients be treated with ever-increasing exercise. Recently the dubious methods they used to justify their conclusions have come to the attention of several journalists and academics. One particular academic has requested some of the raw data under the Freedom of Information Act – but the PACE trial authors are refusing to release the data, claiming any request for data as necessarily ‘vexatious’.

What makes this particularly surprising is that this particular trial was funded by UK taxpayers (the Department of Work and Pensions – not the Department of Health – funded it, perhaps because they were concerned by how many M.E. patients are unable to work), so one would have thought that transparency was all the more important. Read some of these articles to get a sense of the drama:


Over to you: 

  • What were you into in December?

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12 Responses to What I’m Into (December 2015)

  1. Monika Bucher 24th January, 2016 at 8:39 am #

    Yes, you look lovely Tanya! Thanks for your posts, book recommendations etc. I am just reading Joni Eareckson Tada’s book ‘A place of healing’ with my husband. Finding great comfort from her especially since I am just having another relapse. Christmas went well, thank God and we celebrated at my daughter’s, sharing the food contributions. Cooking is one thing I have been able to do all this time, sitting on a bar stool helps. Take care and God bless!

    • Tanya 24th February, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

      So sorry for my delay in replying. All these compliments! Thank you! Joni by Joni Eareckson Tada was my favourite book when I was 10/11. I think she is so wise. I’m so glad you have been able to exercise your creativity by cooking!

  2. Jessica 23rd January, 2016 at 6:36 pm #

    I love your red dress! And thanks for the great book recommendations.

    • Tanya 24th February, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

      So sorry for my delay in replying. Thank ye kindly for the red dress compliment!

  3. Mark Allman 19th January, 2016 at 6:45 pm #

    Great Pictures Tanya!! I enjoyed the Jack Reacher movie and I really like the Jack Reacher books. We bought our grown kids the book “Let me Hold you Longer” by Karen Kingsbury. Saw the new Star Wars movie and enjoyed it.

    • Tanya 24th February, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

      So sorry for my delay in replying. Everyone has good things to say about the new Star Wars Movie! I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD. Glad you also enjoyed the Jack Reacher movie!

  4. Elizabeth Trotter 19th January, 2016 at 11:19 am #

    Eek! I love this “What I’m Into” post so much that I’m actually sticking around to comment!

    First of all, LOVE the photo of you at Christmas. Exquisite.

    Second, believe it or not, I’m actually reading Michael Card’s book on Luke at this very moment. My husband grew up listening to Card, and I’ve developed a love for his music over the years as well. I’m planning to read all his Gospel commentaries. (In fact I’m resolving to read more in print this year in general.)

    And third, haven’t read “Accidental Saints,” but I did read “Pastrix” a few months back and loved it. I loved how every chapter seemed to be about someone being given a new heart, a heart of flesh. And that sometimes that person was her 🙂 Loved the way she fleshed out the Good News.

    Fourth, I’m planning on reading Ed’s writing book this year. I did read “Pray, Write, Grow,” which Amy Young gifted me, and I loved it, leading me to want to read this new one.

    And fifth and finally, I loved “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” right along with you.

    Thanks for this fun post! And I hope you continue resting and recovering well in the next few months.

    • Tanya 24th February, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

      So sorry for my delay in replying. WE ARE SUCH KINDRED SPIRITS!! This makes me happy. 🙂

  5. Rebecka 18th January, 2016 at 6:59 pm #

    You look lovely in these photos! 🙂

    What was I into in December? I need to start writing things down because I can’t remember what I’ve watched or read! I remember stressing over Christmas presents and doing some baking. I had a lovely Christmas Eve (that’s the main day of celebration here) at my sister’s house, a restful Christmas Day and then there was a family dinner at my parents’ on Boxing Day and after that I was pretty exhausted for the rest of the year. I had a hot bath and was in bed by 12.15 on New Years Eve. 🙂

    • Tanya 24th February, 2016 at 12:24 pm #

      I’m really glad you had a good Christmas celebration. Sounds like major energy expenditure though! And thanks for the compliment! And also thanks for the Christmas card – it totally made my day

  6. Amy Boucher Pye 18th January, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    Always love your ‘what I’m into’ posts. I requested that The Hardest Place (just scrolled up to check title and it’s already left my head) but haven’t read it – I think you will spare me!

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