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Suffering in silence

I love it when you are reading the Bible and you have an ‘aha’ moment, when you feel like you have happened upon a diamond in the dust that no-one else has as yet uncovered. I recently had such a moment, reading about Hagar in Genesis 16.  So here’s the story. Hagar, servant girl, of […]

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God is not sensible

A few weeks before Christmas, I got the following text message from my husband: “Council rubbish truck reversed into our car in the car park. Am contacting insurance company.” Fortunately, the mental image that I had conjured up at that point bore no resemblance to the actual damage, which was some scratches on the boot and […]

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Writing with my left hand

Do you know what your calling is? It is notoriously difficult to discern one’s calling, which is to say, ‘how do I know what God wants me to do with my life? There’s the kind of calling which is “Calling-with-a-Capital C’. This ‘Capital-C-Calling’ is the kind that happened in the Old Testament, the kind that […]

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