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Cookie, Anyone
When I heard that the EU Law required me to write about cookies on my website, I couldn’t be more excited. Who doesn’t love to write about cookies? That combination of salty yet sugary dough, chewy and satisfying, punctuated with delicious dots of chocolate or raisin or maple syrup and pecan. What a brilliant writing assignment!

Then I discovered that they didn’t in fact mean those, but the boring computer ones instead. You know, the little files that travel along with you as you hop around the internet, acting as a little souvenir to say that you’ve visited a website.

Like signing a guest book when you go to someone’s house – cookies do that for you. The cookies I have on my website are just like that: ones that help me see how many people have visited my website. They are things like Google analytics cookies and page counters and suchlike. Nothing particularly sinister, just helps my general obsession with how popular I am.

When you leave a comment you are asked to leave your email or website address, or log in to Facebook or Twitter or similar. I don’t have control over any 3rd party cookies from these or other sites.

I don’t pass your email onto anyone else, and I would seek to obtain your permission before contacting you. If you want to receive notifications every time I put up a new post, please enter your email to sign up for email subscriptions. If you ‘like me’ on my Facebook page, then Facebook and I know that you like me, and that makes us happy. I dare say there are cookies involved in that transaction too. By visiting my site you are implying that it is okay for my site to put cookies on your computer or handheld device. Thank you kindly.

If you wish to invisibly float through like a ghost without me knowing you’re here, then you can refuse cookies for the website. It’s very easy to do and there are thorough instructions here on But that would make me sad – and why would you want to? Cookies are delicious. Raspberry and white chocolate is my favourite flavour – how about you?

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