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Giving up the ghost

“Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.” Jesus – Luke 24:39

I have a confession: I often think of myself as a ghost. I don’t do this consciously, needless to say, but there is something about my self-identity that tends to forget I have a body. As a child, I was bony and awkward, but intelligent.

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The Most Dangerous Thing a Woman Can Do

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever been ashamed of their emotions, anyone who’s felt vulnerable for crying in a public space.

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What’s her name? – on disability and the church

“What’s her name?”
The airport official spoke over my head to my husband and it took me a while before I even registered she was referring to me.
Why doesn’t she just ask me? I wondered. And then it clicked: it’s because of the wheelchair.

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When Christians cause the suffering – Nell Goddard

I didn’t understand. From age 11 through to age 14 and beyond, I didn’t understand how people who claimed to follow the same God as me could have such a radically different view of His purpose and plan. God stood, distant and cold, behind a dark cloud of resentment, anger, and confusion. And I gave up on Him.

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Love means you keep showing up

I was too ill to speak to anyone, so they could not love through words or presence.
Our church loved us with food and ironed clothes.

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Jesus Feminist: A Review

If you are a woman, weary of being silenced, and wondering what your place is in the church, then this book will make you want to stand again, and probably sing and dance too.

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Christian Conferences and Invisible Women

We need to appoint into leadership those whom society devalues – not because of any worldly political correctness, but because of the Bible, and the character of God. God loves the widow and orphan and foreigner. He is a God of the oppressed minority.

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When Loneliness Sat Beside Me

I heard pastors and church people tell me that loneliness was a sign that I don’t quite love God enough, that I need to try harder to be satisfied by Him alone. That the cure for loneliness is to draw closer to Jesus. I think they were wrong.

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