Love means you keep showing up

Well, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! (Said in a Miranda-styley voice…) So lovely to see you again after the festive break!

I will soon be doing one of those posts that most people did last week, reflecting on 2013, and looking forward to 2014. I’m excited about all that the coming year might hold!

But first.

Flickr Creative Commons Licence: wordridden

Flickr Creative Commons Licence: wordridden


I’m over at Leanne Penny’s place today. She has appeared here as a guest writer before, and her blog is well worth checking out – she writes about hope and grace in the midst of grief and brokenness. She recently wrote a post called 12 Grief Clich├ęs and the Reasons They Suck, and it was so popular that she is launching a fantastic guest post series as a response to it, called Love Showed Up: the Best of People on the Worst of Days, with each writer giving ideas of the ways that friends helped them during times of crisis or loss.

This is my story – the way our church stepped in at our time of crisis. Won’t you travel with me to Leanne’s place to read more?


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