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The One Secret to Contentment with God #fiveminutefriday

You want to be the best Christian you can be – with the least effort and the most fun.

What does it take to achieve this longed-for wonderful Christian life? I have the secret, and I will share it here.

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The Famous Woman You’ve Never Heard of (for Mudroom)

This month The Mudroom is exploring the lives of forgotten women, history-changers who may not have made it into most of our history books. I’ve loved learning a bit more about amazing women of God who’ve changed lives in the past.
Today I’m writing about one of my favourites

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When St Francis of Assisi kicks your butt

I am wondering: do the possessions we own turn us into bloated Christians? I am slim in body, but obese in possessions – and I wonder what subtle effect this has on my spiritual life. Every time I look at a catalogue for present ideas for other people (which naturally turns into a list of things you might like for yourself), I feel like I am stuffing after-dinner mints into my face after a very large meal.

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Choose Life – Simon Guillebaud

Even this week, there have been three gangs of marauding machete-wielding men terrorising our neighbourhood. So we padlock our doors and pray more, and more than anything I’m desperate that my kids don’t get freaked out by the guns

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Love means you keep showing up

I was too ill to speak to anyone, so they could not love through words or presence.
Our church loved us with food and ironed clothes.

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Plugging holes in my theology of suffering {guest post}

I’m delighted to have Amy Young over at my place this week. Amy is American and has lived and worked in China for more than 15 years. Every time I read Amy’s blog I feel energised and excited – her enthusiasm for God and life spills over onto the page. This is her God and […]

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Stomping back to the promised land {Ruth 1}

I am itching to dig a little into the Bible. I want to hear the whisper of God in the words and lives of Bible characters. Over the next few weeks I will be doing a series on the book of Ruth, to look again at the story breathed out by God and let it […]

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