The Famous Woman You’ve Never Heard of (for Mudroom)

cropped-mudroom-Header-2014_taglineI have exciting news! I have been accepted as a monthly contributor for The Mudroom.
Convened by Tammy Perlmutter, The Mudroom is a great space for the messy stories of our lives, and I am stoked to be included amongst such stellar writers. Do check it out.
This month The Mudroom is exploring the lives of forgotten women, history-changers who may not have made it into most of our history books. I’ve loved learning a bit more about amazing women of God who’ve changed lives in the past.
 Today I’m writing about one of my favouritescome with me to find out who it is:Mudroom thumbnail

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  1. lulu 18th March, 2015 at 7:49 am #

    Dear Tanya,
    I think its such a shame that just because Frances wasn’t a man nobody knows who she was.
    Which brings the question to my mind how did you find out about her?

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