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Building up

It is always easier to tear down than to build up.   I watch my little boy playing with his Lego.   “And then this goes on top of here,” he explains, “and this one, and this one.”   He carefully selects each brick: red on top of blue, two to match the other side, […]

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Cloud of witnesses

You always run faster when there is a crowd cheering.   I noticed this at the Olympics – how many personal bests were achieved, records broken. Some of that will have been from the thrill and challenge of competing, and beating others. Some of that, I suspect, is from the volume of the cheers, and […]

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Son of encouragement

Is it better to be nice or to tell the truth?   I have a confession. I am addicted to TV talent shows like American Idol and X Factor. That’s partly because I’m a singer, and I like to see people sing well and learn from how they perform, but mainly because it gives me […]

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