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The God who brings storms

We sing our songs, and we think of a gentle mist, but the way that God’s righteousness comes is through a storm, through the sharp smacking of water and air onto a shocked and complacent earth.

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A few good men: Integrity and Ruth 3

Today I am angry. I am angry at the politicians who are meant to look after the most vulnerable in society who are taking money away from them and giving it to the super-rich. This is nothing new, but everything in me screams, ‘This should not be.‘ When I rant this at him, my husband […]

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Progress on the journey

When was the last time you entered a different country?   There are two ways of entering a country.   The first way is the clear entry. I have been to America once, and the entry was a noisy airport, announcements, surprisingly personal questions from unsmiling uniformed figures, fingerprinting, forms, heavy luggage. I had arrived. […]

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In a far country

It is hard for a good girl to know when she is walking away from God.   The bad girls and boys do it clearly. They ask for their inheritance straight up, off to gamble it away and say ‘ciao for now, I’d actually rather you were dead, God.’   I don’t tend to do […]

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The day that changed my life

  I was seventeen, and alone, crying uncontrollably in the corridor. And I went to my French lesson anyway.   *******   It was the end of form period and the bell had just rung for the final lesson of the day. “Tanya, could you stay behind for a moment?” my form tutor asked.   […]

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