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Who should I vote for in the General Election?

As with politicians, so too with us: our character is revealed most truly not by how we treat our friends, but how we treat the ‘other’, those who differ from us.

Our character is revealed by how we treat people stigmatised by society: foreigners and refugees (including those of different religion), people of colour, the poor, the LBGT community, elderly people, single parents, disabled people, people with mental illness. Every life is valuable.

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Christian Conferences and Invisible Women

We need to appoint into leadership those whom society devalues – not because of any worldly political correctness, but because of the Bible, and the character of God. God loves the widow and orphan and foreigner. He is a God of the oppressed minority.

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I love the Church of England

My family is crazy, and they drive me mad. They make me madder and hurt me more than anyone else can.   But don’t you dare criticise my family. You don’t have the right. They are mine to criticise and I’ll defend them to the hilt.   *****   It has been a strange sort […]

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Son of encouragement

Is it better to be nice or to tell the truth?   I have a confession. I am addicted to TV talent shows like American Idol and X Factor. That’s partly because I’m a singer, and I like to see people sing well and learn from how they perform, but mainly because it gives me […]

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