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On rain and my godson and other mercies

Yesterday, in the silence of the house, I could hear the rain softly falling, dibble-dabbling on the ground. It was the soundtrack to my day. I had walked past the bedroom – and felt the absence of my boys. I walked to the bathroom, and saw a small pair of pyjamas on the nappy changing […]

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“Can you please tell me how to get in touch with my local ME specialist? I know the files were being transferred to a new system last year, but I was meant to see him last March, and haven’t heard anything and…”   I stop before the emotion catches up with me: pause, concentrate on […]

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Church, have mercy

We crawl down to the vulnerable, the dirty, the ones in society who aren’t like us, who make us feel a little uncomfortable, because Jesus descended far deeper than we can ever get our heads around.   I read Luke, and made an amazing discovery that totally changed the way I think. I’m really excited […]

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